Manufactory with history

It all started in 1997 with the sale and rental of light- and sound equipment.

Quickly, it was begun to build particularly robust and durable systems and enclosures to meet the harsh requirements.

In order to be able to realize more complex shapes, casings made of fiberglass were manufactured with special casting resins.

Since LED technology was part of the work right from the beginning, the potential was recognized very early and in 2004 it was begun to focus exclusively on LED solutions.

The experiences gained were combined and applied to LED technology.

Today, we are a specialist in LED encapsulation and the processing of cast resins in this area, as well as for the development and manufacturing of innovative LED solutions with a high degree of protection and special demands on longevity and durability.

Manufactory with philosophy

Everything we do is guided by our values and our philosophy, which is why our headquarters in the Black Forest (in Germany) is more than just a production location for us. The Swabian ingenuity, the precision, the perseverance and the continuity with which we work here on solutions, are decisive factors for us in product development, which is geared towards achieving the maximum technical feasibility. For us, this means that a luminaire must emit good light for as long and as efficiently as possible – under all required environmental conditions.

With our long-term mindset and our sense for timeless design, we strive to create something of the highest quality and consistency in all products and solutions. That is why our luminaires are not a maintenance-intensive object, but a solid and lasting part of the environment over many years.